Queensland Couple’s Land Dispute: Developer Demands $200K Increase Before Contract Cancellation

In Queensland, a couple is in distress after a developer allegedly demanded an extra $200,000 for a plot of land they had already agreed to purchase. The couple, who had signed a sale contract, faced the shock of the deal being torn up by the developer over the additional payment request.

The situation arose when the developer purportedly changed their mind about the initially agreed-upon price post-contract signing, leaving the buyers in a tough spot. According to the couple, the unexpected demand came as a complete surprise and left them feeling stranded.

The couple expressed their frustration, stating that the extra $200,000 was a significant amount that they had not budgeted for. The sudden turn of events has placed them in a difficult position, unsure of how to proceed given the unexpected financial hurdle.

Efforts to negotiate with the developer seemed futile as the couple claimed that the demand for additional funds was non-negotiable. This unilateral decision by the developer left the buyers feeling powerless and perplexed, struggling to make sense of the abrupt change in the agreed-upon terms.

As the couple navigates this unexpected turn of events, they are seeking resolution and clarity on the matter, hoping to find a satisfactory solution to the impasse created by the developer’s actions.

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