Popular Pizza Chain Closes Multiple Locations Without Announcement

Australian pizza lovers were in for a surprise. A popular pizza chain, Eagle Boys, has quietly shut down. The news of its closure has left many fans in disbelief. It was once the nation’s second-largest pizza chain, trailing only behind Domino’s. Unfortunately, their financial struggles became too much to handle.

Eagle Boys experienced a peak in popularity during the early 2000s. However, the situation started to change when competition grew fiercer. With rivals expanding rapidly, keeping up became challenging for Eagle Boys. At one point, they had more than 340 stores across Australia, but those numbers began to dwindle quickly.

In 2016, Eagle Boys went into voluntary administration. Attempts to revive the brand were made, including a merger with Pizza Hut. Despite these efforts, it wasn’t enough to save the chain. Gradually, stores closed down one after another, leaving fewer and fewer locations for loyal customers to visit.

Adding to the company’s woes were mounting debts and legal battles. The downward spiral continued until operations halted entirely. Customers trying to order from Eagle Boys now are greeted with a “store closed” message on their website. Reports suggest that markets with high competition saw stores struggling the most.

This closure marks the end of an era for many Australians who grew up with the brand. Older generations recall fond memories of visiting Eagle Boys for a quick meal. Despite its fall, Eagle Boys has left a legacy in the Australian fast-food market.

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