Duty of Care in Complex Construction Arbitrations: Satluj v. Jaiprakash Hyundai Analysis

In the article titled “Complex Construction Arbitrations and Duty of Care of Arbitrators: Satluj v. Jaiprakash Hyundai Case Analysis,” the author delves into the intricate world of construction arbitrations in India, focusing on a significant case that sheds light on the duty of care expected from arbitrators. The case in question, Satluj v. Jaiprakash Hyundai, serves as a backdrop to discuss the challenges and responsibilities faced by arbitrators in resolving complex construction disputes.

The article emphasizes the importance of arbitrators maintaining a high standard of care and impartiality throughout the arbitration process. It highlights the need for arbitrators to possess specialized knowledge and expertise in construction matters to effectively adjudicate disputes that often involve technical intricacies and large sums of money.

Furthermore, the author explores how arbitrators play a crucial role in ensuring fair and efficient resolution of construction disputes, thereby contributing to the overall credibility and integrity of arbitration proceedings in the construction industry. The case analysis underscores the significance of arbitrators’ decisions in shaping the outcome of complex disputes and upholding the principles of natural justice.

By examining the Satluj v. Jaiprakash Hyundai case in detail, the article offers insights into the evolving landscape of construction arbitrations in India and the evolving standards of professionalism and diligence expected from arbitrators. It serves as a valuable resource for legal professionals, construction practitioners, and stakeholders involved in arbitration processes within the construction sector.

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